(This is the suggested structure of this wiki.)

Sources of law Edit


  • alphabetically (caselaw, international texts)
  • by type (state-centered, international bodies, custom)
  • by theme (e.g. slander, consumer law --> what sources of law apply to this area)


  • An explanation of their status in law citing varied authorities.

example 1:

definition of implementation
difference between ratified and unratified
by jurisdiction and/or
by legal tradition
treaties between states
contracts between states and transnational corporations

example 2:

a quick way to determine the legal status of various international or national bodies
national courts (and explanation of their hierarchy by jurisdiction
international bodies (structure of the WTO, WB, UN, WIPO, for example)

Jurisprudence (Caselaw) Edit

Adopt a limitative rather than expansive approach to this list of caselaw, with the idea of working towards a set of (100, maybe 300) cases of solid interest that can then be worked into a lightened legal curriculum (so a premium will be placed on cases of particular interest, whether it be for normative, historical, rhetorical or sociological, etc., reasons).

Arranged by

  • Judges
    • Biographies
    • Cases they've decided
    • How they have decided them and why
      • Based on the reasoning of the time
      • Do we agree with this reasoning now?
    • Comments

For brainstorming on possible cases, click here

Articles Edit

Citations and summaries by:

  • Author
    • by generally-felt 'importance'
    • by affiliated institution
    • by jurisdiction on which they write, etc.
  • Theme
  • Jurisdiction
  • Legal tradition
  • Required reading for which class
  • Suggested reading for which class
  • etc. (categories can expand)

Fundamental concepts (including multi-lingual lexicon)Edit

Fundamental Concepts (including Multi-lingual Lexicon) prep page


  • alphabetically
  • by jurisdiction
  • by legal tradition (e.g.:'trust' means something different in the common law and civil law traditions, so a search by tradition would only give the meaning in that context, with linguistic translations)
  • by level of complexity: introductory, medium-level, upper-level concepts and explanations (indicate this by color for ease of reading? (discuss))

Courses Edit

The point here is to

  1. enable students from different schools to contribute
  2. identify what is taught where, and how it is taught

Legal historyEdit

Approaches to lawEdit

  • by school of thought
  • by author

Culturally distinctive approaches to lawEdit

  • Reflections on learning law from an outsider perspective
  • Transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to law
  • Critiques of law

Student mentoring tools Edit

  • Legal methodology
    • Help with writing essays and other documents produced in a legal education
      • Tips for going further
      • Personal reflections
      • Hot legal topics (ideally with references to other sections of the wikia -- the idea is partly to instruct, partly to share knowledge, partly to make a student's workload lighter, partly so the student can focus on what she's really interested in)
      • Sample documents, with grades and feedback attached
    • Legal research skills
      • How to cite legal literature
    • Standard types of legal documents
      • complete list (factum, memorandum, brief, notice)
      • jurisdiction (U.S., state, province, etc.)
    • Feedback on courses
      • Feedback on approaches, learning methods & possibly professors

Curriculum development Edit

  • Designing an integrated legal education
    • Blueprint on content
      • ex: What would a module-based legal education look like?
    • Sample 'improved' course assignments
      • ex: 'Imagine you are wishing to incorporate as the Municipality of John. What tools would you need to be aware of?' (ex: Depending on jurisdiction, (!) gain support for private bill in parliament; (2) consider the location and existing infrastructure, and ascertain which authority pays for what, from what tax base; etc.
  • Inspirations

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