Goals to keep in mind (and naturally to be discussed further as the community grows)

  • Organise the basics coherently, in a global legal perspective
  • Help organize legal education incrementally
  • Improve efficiency of access to required & desired information
  • Guiding principle: many short, on-point, cross-referenced quotations often express an idea better than a much longer text without sources and contextual markers
  • Ensure a high quality of sources and references : information should be complete and enable scholarly access (but not be expressed in a particular format, as long it is as complete as possible and clear -- technical citation is a skill that can be learned in discrete places in the wiki, otherwise it can act as a deterrent to some)
  • A springboard for indepth yet light knowledge: clarity of concepts over quantity of information
  • Create a welcoming online mentorship community for people:
in law school (student, teaching, librarian, janitor, support staff)
considering law school
anyone wishing to come up to speed on how to 'articulate legal concepts in the language of law'
  • A convenient place where law teachers
can consult what is covered in other courses
can access tools and information to design courses based on what students know and don't know (contrast this to the methods, 'sink or swim' and 'students must have learnt this elsewhere so I won't bother explaining it', which are currently often in place due to constraints on how the curriculum historically has been structured)
can share their ideas and reference them to other thinkers'
  • A place for disaffected lawyers who want to give back to the community and/or mentor people
  • A place for NGO & activist legal folk to reference & feed back information & experiences
  • A place where everyone can contribute, based on how law really is, rather than how it is supposed to work --> a blend of published and personal perspectives on law and legal education (which distinguishes it from, e.g., wikipedia)
  • A place to forge the blueprint of an integrated, holistic legal curriculum rooted in the belief that the currently-premiumed content can be transmitted more effectively, more healthily, to more students.