Articles in economics journals are usually classified according to the system used by the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL). The JEL is published quarterly by the American Economic Association and contains survey articles and information on recently published books and dissertations. There are 19 main categories, each of which have numerous subcategories and subsubcategories.

The primary codes are:

The full list is available at

Law and economics JEL: K SubcategoriesEdit

JEL: K - Law and Economics

Category:Law and economics

JEL: K0 - General

JEL: K00 - General

JEL: K1 - Basic Areas of Law

JEL: K10 - General
JEL: K11 - Property Law
JEL: K12 - Contract Law
JEL: K13 - Tort Law and Product Liability
JEL: K14 - Criminal Law
JEL: K19 - Other

JEL: K2 - Regulation and Business Law

JEL: K20 - General
JEL: K21 - Antitrust Law
JEL: K22 - Corporation and Securities Law
JEL: K23 - Regulated Industries and Administrative Law
JEL: K29 - Other

JEL: K3 - Other Substantive Areas of Law

JEL: K30 - General
JEL: K31 - Labor Law
JEL: K32 - Environmental, Health, and Safety Law
JEL: K33 - International Law
JEL: K34 - Tax Law
JEL: K35 - Personal Bankruptcy Law
JEL: K39 - Other

JEL: K4 - Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior

JEL: K40 - General
JEL: K41 - Litigation Process
JEL: K42 - Illegal Behavior and the Enforcement of Law
JEL: K49 - Other

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