Judicial notice is a rule of evidence that allows a fact to be admitted in evidence if it is so well known that it can easily be confirmed through public sources. As such, it would not be a requirement for a party to submit testimony to prove a fact if it were relevant to their case. For example:

  • What the weather was on a particular day
  • Who held a particular public office on a day in question
  • What city was the capital city of a foreign country

For example, in a foreclosure case, it would not be necessary for a person arguing the reason for a default was economic conditions to call evidence of how the economy performed in 2008. For another example, if a person claimed that the presidency of Barack Obama was illegitimate and a piece of legislation he signed into law in 2010 was therefore not enforceable, the court would not need to do more than determine who held the office of President of the United States in 2010 and could reject the argument out of hand.