Yale M Fishman is a New York based attorney, named as the city’s rising star in the early days of his career. He received his undergraduate degree from Boston University and continued his studies at Columbia University, from where he obtained his Juris Doctorate. Soon after that, he started working for a large well-respected corporate firm. Showing is skills and abilities, he eventually made an associate.[1]

After he passed the New York Bar Exam, Fishman made a bold decision to start his own law firm. Mostly focused on Administrative Law, Commercial and Business Law[2], Yale M Fishman attorney provides advice to clients, both public and private, in matters related to personnel, labor and employment, business transactions, corporate affairs, and general business law. Often he is invited to speak on conferences addressing matters of corporate governance, general business law and intellectual property.

Striving for excellence and settling with nothing but the best result for his clients has always been one of his fortes. Now that he is able to put theory knowledge into practice, Fishman is on a mission to help as much people as possible. In the end, for him helping others is what makes him feel fulfilled, truly happy and useful to the society.

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